There is so much to choose from when it comes to nailing down every aspect of your big day. Theresa Gail Photography loves to cover all of those details for you in each shot! The rings, the displays, the tables, the train of your dress is laid out in every shot, and we get all the creative shots!

I vow my first hour upon arrival I will be focusing on the "set up" details, getting ready shots of the groom and bride (separate of course), and the fun candid moments of each party getting ready. Even with the parents.

I offer a variety of different personal moments to create for you and your partner, your party, and your parents. Like a first look of the bride with the groom, too risky for you? Lets have a first look of the bride with her father. Or the groom with his mother helping with his tie. Or even a toast for the bridal party! Love the sound of all of this? I'm simple, I'm spunky, and I'm by your side the entire way!

Do you have your timeline already planned out?

PERFECT, send me a copy and I'll have it memorized!

What is a timeline and why do you need one for your wedding?

It is actually a KEY tool to have for your wedding, let me create one that totally fits your needs for your day so we can stay on time, and not just for pictures!

Do you have a make up artist booked yet?

Cause I totally have a rock star for you if not!

Would you like for TGP to have a second photographer?

No problem! At $150/hr I will have a very experienced photographer at every opposite corner of me, making sure we don't miss a tear, a laugh, or an "oopsie".

I will be sure to cover every detail for your day and make sure every memory is captured!